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A-Z of Marie-Antoinette: P is for Petit Trianon
The Petit Trianon is a small château located on the grounds of the Palace of Versailles in Versailles, France. Marie Antoinette would come to the Petit Trianon not only to escape the formality of court life, but also to shake off the burden of her royal responsibilities. At Versailles, she was under considerable pressure and judgement from both her family and the court, and the Petit Trianon was her place of ease and leisure where she could rest from those trials. Since all was “de par la Reine” (by order of the Queen), none were permitted to enter the property without the Queen’s express permission (not even, it was said, Louis XVI). Such exclusivity alienated the court nobility, which she did very willingly, since only the queen’s “inner circle” (including the Princess de Lamballe, and Gabrielle de Polastron, duchesse de Polignac) were invited.

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