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A-Z of Marie-Antoinette: K is for Kids
Marie-Antoinette had two children who survived.
After Louis’s death, his brother (the future Louis XVIII), who had escaped from France years earlier, proclaimed Marie-Antoinette’s son Louis Charles to be the new king of France. For several months after their father’s death Louis Charles and his sister, Marie Therese Charlotte, remained in prison with Marie-Antoinette. The children were often sick, and the queen cared for them as best she could. Spitefully their jailors decided to separate young Charles Louis from his mother. He was placed in the cell beneath hers, where she could hear him crying. A few weeks later Marie-Antoinette was separated from her daughter, as well. The former queen was awakened in the middle of the night and taken to the squalid Conciergerie prison. Louis Charles and Marie Therese Charlotte remained in the Temple. They never saw their mother again.

Her son Louis Charles (now King Louis XVII) was kept in a dark, filthy cell until he died of tuberculosis in 1795. In future years many men came forward claiming to be the long-lost prince. The most believable was Karl Wilhelm Naundorff, who died in Holland in 1845, but DNA tests later established that Naundorff was not related to Marie-Antoinette. Moreover, DNA experts announced in April 2000 that tests conducted on the heart of the boy who died in prison proved once and for all that he was, in fact, Marie Antoinette’s son.

Marie-Antoinette’s daughter, Madame Royale, survived the revolution. She became the duchesse d’Angouleme and lived to see the reigns of her uncles Louis XVIII and Charles X. She had no children.

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